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If you are looking for oneToilet paper alternative, you will most likely be torn between a bidet bracket and a bidet seat, although there are othersTypes of bidets. So which option between a bidet attachment and a bidet seat is best for you?

A bidet seat is a toilet seat with a retractable nozzle (sometimes 2) at the back for cleaning from the back and front, while a bidet attachment is installed between the existing toilet seat and the bowl. Bidet attachments are non-electric while there are electric and non-electric bidet seats.

Both bidet faucets and bidet seats have their pros and cons. Therefore, the purpose of this blog post is to compare and contrast them so that you know which of them is the best for you to buy.

Comparison table for bidet accessories and seats

special featureBidet attachmentsbidet seats
Self-cleaning nozzleAndAnd
Adjustable nozzle
Hot water
Hot clothes dryer
deodorant The most
Warmed seatMe no
night lightMe no
Toilet paper is requiredAndNO
Automatic opening/closing of the lid Some
shrunk wash Some
Vibrant wash
oscillating washbasin
remote control Some
Electric/non-electricNot electricBoth

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Pros and cons of bidet accessories.

Bidet Accessories vs. Bidet Seats: Pros, Cons and Features - Toilet Haven (1)

The design of the bidet accessories is largely based on the bidet seats. Rather than a complete toilet seat, the bidet attachment simply includes a thin plastic bracket that allows it to be installed between the existing seat and bowl.

You have a control panel on the side with one or more knobs that you can use to control the functions. A T-valve connected to the toilet's water supply line allows water to flow to the tank as well as the bidet connection.

What are the advantages of installing a bidet attachment over a bidet seat?


You should consider installing a bidet attachment rather than a bidet seat for the following reasons:

1. They are cheap

A decent bidet attachment is far more affordable than a decent bidet seat. Most bidet accessories sell for under $50, although high-end accessories will be a little pricey. Decent bidet seats, on the other hand, cost hundreds of dollars.

For those on a tight budget, a bidet accessory is the obvious choice

2. Cheaper to run

Because bidet attachments are non-electric, unlike bidet seats, they don't require electricity, so your electricity bills remain unchanged once installed. It's also expensive to install an electrical outlet next to your toilet when you didn't have one.

If you don't mind cleaning yourself with cold water, a bidet attachment would be just what you need.

3. You don't have to change your seat

If you have a toilet seat that you are not looking to replace just yet, a bidet attachment is the best option for you. This is especially true if you have a wooden toilet seat that you really like and don't want to replace with a plastic one.

There are no wooden bidet seats. So if you have a rustic bathroom with a wooden toilet seat, you might want to buy a bidet attachment for it.


So what are the reasons why bidet accessories are inferior or undesirable compared to bidet seats? Here are some of them:

1. Cold water cleaning

Bidet accessories are not electric, so they clean you with cold water. That might be fine in the summer, but on a cold winter morning, the last thing you want is cold water touching any part of your body.

However, I should also add that bidet accessories such asLuxe Bidet Neo 320offers both cold and hot water cleaning options. Unlike other bidet seats, it has an extra hose that allows you to connect it to the hot water pipe of the bathroom sink.

2. No dryer

Unfortunately, bidet attachments do not have a heat gun like electric bidet seats. You must dry yourself with toilet paper or a towel.

For people who want to avoid using toilet paper altogether, bidet attachments are not a good option. Even if you have your own towel for personal use, you cannot offer one to every guest who visits you. You will always be dependent on toilet paper.

3. Unpleasant

Bidet accessories integrate better with the existing seat and bowl. The problem with this design is that there is a small gap between the seat and the bowl at the front of the toilet.

When you sit down to do business, the seat actually feels and tilts forward. Also, with the tilt, your weight will apply an uneven force to the seat and may even break it. When buying a bidet attachment, make sure to choose the thinnest one.

Pros and cons of bidet seats

Bidet Accessories vs. Bidet Seats: Pros, Cons and Features - Toilet Haven (2)

If you want absolute luxury and comfort, you should choose a bidet seat and not a bidet attachment. In this post, I will compare an electric bidet seat to a bidet mount, as there are not much differences between a non-electric bidet seat and a bidet mount.


You should consider installing a bidet seat over a bidet bracket for the following reasons:

1. Hot water cleaning

Hot water cleaning is great no matter the time of day. Even more interesting, the water temperature can be easily adjusted to your preferred settings.

You can also adjust the pressure of the hot water so that the jets are neither too strong nor too soft. High quality bidet seats likeBrondell Swash 1400even has user presets.

User presets allow you to select and save your favorite water settings so you don't have to select them every second time. The water is enriched with air bubbles in a process called aeration to allow for a gentle but thorough wash.

2. Hot air drying

Bidet seats are the only worthwhile toilet paper alternative. Once you're thoroughly cleaned, hot air from a dryer at the back of the seat begins blowing hot air all over your back and front until you're completely dry.

The temperature of the hot air dryer can also be regulated. Most bidet seats have around 5 temperature settings.

3. Adjustable nozzle positions

If you're using a bidet attachment, once you start cleaning, the nozzle will stick down and shoot water up. You must therefore adjust your posture so that the water hits all the areas that are to be cleaned.

On the other side, the stub of a bidet seat protrudes. Even more interesting, you can adjust the nozzle position either forward or backward to target different areas.

A bidet seat is therefore very effective for both back and buttock cleaning than a bidet attachment. It is also able to effectively clean people of different heights.

4. Oscillating washbasin

The nozzles of the bidet seats are not only adjustable, but also have an oscillating washing function. With an oscillating wash, the nozzle moves back and forth quickly. This makes it easy to clean large areas.

5. Pulsating wash

A pulsating wash is created when the nozzle alternately emits strong and soft streams of water. This creates a relaxing massage feeling. Most bidet seats allow you to operate the pulsating and oscillating function at the same time

6. Heated seats

Bidet seats are also heated. There are many people who are afraid of going to the toilet in cold weather because of the inconvenience. Thanks to bidet seats, you can use the bathroom at any time without fear of freezing on the toilet seat.

However, heated toilet seats are not always bidet seats. There are many heated toilet seats without a bidet that can also have a bidet attachment installed.

7. Night light

Night Light is a feature that allows the seat to illuminate the bowl with a blue LED light. This makes it very easy to get to the toilet at night without having to turn on the bright bathroom light.

Night lights aren't just for bidet seats either. Other toilet seats may also have this feature, where you can also install a bidet attachment.

8. Deodorants

Good bidet seats are equipped with an odor eliminator. It turns on automatically after you finish your work to eliminate unwanted odors, leaving the bathroom smelling fresh.

9. Automatic opening and closing of the lid

In this case, the lid opens automatically when you approach the toilet and closes as soon as you leave the toilet. This feature ensures that you never have to touch the toilet seat.

However, automatic opening and closing of the lid is not available on all bidet seats. It is currently only available inToto S550e Laundry.

10. Enema wash

During an enema wash, a thin but powerful jet of water is emitted from the nozzle of a bidet seat directly into your buttocks. It is said to relieve the discomfort associated with constipation.

This function is also not available on many bidet seats. A decent bidet seat is includedBio-Bidet BB 2000.

11. Remote control

Some bidet seats have a control panel on the side, but mid-range and advanced models come with a wireless remote control. With the remote control, you can easily enter commands without having to turn sideways to read the controls there.

In case the remote is lost or the batteries run out, the bidet seat has extra adjustments on the side so you can always use it. Remote controls are supplied with a wall bracket for easier and safer storage.


What are the disadvantages of buying/installing a bidet seat? The following are the most important:

1. They are expensive

A decent bidet seat will cost you a lot of money. Hundreds of dollars to be exact. They are also not very cheap to maintain.

Bidet seats are always connected to a power source to keep the seat warm and also to heat the water if needed. Therefore, after installing a bidet seat, you will see an increase in your monthly electricity bill.

2. Cold Water Shock

Most instant water heating bidet seats do not always guarantee that the water will be hot for the first few seconds. As a result, many people experience cold water shock, which is not an exciting experience.

The alternative to instant water heating is a bidet seat with a small water heater at the back. While these won't shock you with cold water, the hot water runs out after about 30 seconds.

Bio-BidetHowever, your Bio-Bidet BB 2000 seat has a hybrid heating system where the instantaneous water heater starts after the water in the tank has been used up.

last words

Bidet attachments are inexpensive, making them a good option for someone on a budget. However, they have limited features and do not completely eliminate toilet paper addiction.

For people who can get a little more cash I would definitely recommend a bidet seat. They're far more convenient than bidet attachments, and you're no longer dependent on toilet paper either.


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