India v Australia Test 1 Day 2 Highlights: Rohit Sharma, Ravindra Jadeja star as India take huge lead against Australia on Day 2 | cricket news (2023)

India v Australia Test 1 Day 2 Highlights: Rohit Sharma, Ravindra Jadeja star as India take huge lead against Australia on Day 2 | cricket news (1)

India v Australia Test 1 highlights Axar Patel and Ravindra Jadeja went undefeated on Day 2.© BCCI

India v Australia Day 1 Test 2 Highlights:Rohit Sharma's 120 and 66 and 52 from Ravindra Jadeja and Axar Patel respectively helped India continue their dominance on day two. India were 321 for 7 at stumps on Friday, with a 144-run lead over the visitors. Australia did good work on the ball with wickets at even intervals, but punches from Rohit, Jadeja and Axar kept India in the driver's seat all day. Todd Murphy returned a five-wicket haul but was unsupported by other bowlers. On Thursday, Australian captain Pat Cummins won the toss, opting to bat first. Jadja's five-wicket haul helped India group the visitors to 177.(performance table)

Here are the highlights from Day 2 of the 1st Test match between India and Australia straight from the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium in Nagpur

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  • 17:02 (REAL)

    IND vs. AUS Live: Stumps no Dia 2!

    These are the stumps from Day 2. What a day for India! They lost six wickets but still managed to gain a 144-run lead over the visitors. Australia certainly won't have it easy from now on! And remember, two seeded hitters - Ravindra Jadeja and Axar Patel - are still struggling.

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  • 16:48 (REAL)

    IND vs. AUS Live: Fifty for Axar Patel!

    A single and Axar Patel shoots for his fifty second test. After showing his skills with the bat in white ball cricket, Axar now shows his technique in red ball game. The middle class has not been able to cope, but the Indian tail is literally frustrating Australia.

    IND 314/7 (110.4)

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  • 16:46 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS live: Match resumes!

    The game continued...

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  • 16:45 (REAL)

    IND vs. AUS Live: Small game break!

    Axar Patel has a problem with his hand. The physio is treating him now and we have a little break in the game.

    IND 312/7 (110)

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  • 16:21 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS live: FOUR!

    A Willow Four by Axar Patel. It was a short ball by Pat Cummins and Axar took it to the third man's fence for a four. He may not have intended to play as well as he turned out, but the resulting four will definitely hurt Australia.

    IND 296/7 (103,5)

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  • 16:12 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS live: FOUR!

    A fuller ball from Pat Cummins and Axar Patel sends him straight to the ground for a four. Axar and Cummins' partnership for the eighth wicket is now 52. This is a really worrying sign for Australia, who had already made a good comeback.

    IND 292/7 (101.3)

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  • 16:04 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS live: FOUR!

    A short ball from Nathan Lyon is offside and Axar Patel hits it square to wicket for a four. The deep fielder made a leap but it was to no avail as the ball comfortably won the run.

    IND 286/7 (99,1)

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    (Video) Cricbuzz Chatter: #Rohit's ton, fifties from #Jadeja & #Axar help #India take 144-run lead on Day 2
  • 15:56 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS live: FOUR!

    Ravindra Jadeja brilliantly uses the depth of her fold to land a four offside. David Warner did his best to stop him, but the ball ended up winning the run. The partnership between Jadeja and Axar Patel already has 37 races.

    IND 277/7 (98)

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  • 15:51 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS live: FOUR!

    A half volley by Todd Murphy and Axar Patel deflects the ball off his left side for a four. This is Axar's second four in their consecutive innings.

    IND 271/7 (96,5)

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  • 15:41 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS live: FOUR!

    Axar Patel grows in confidence. It was a fuller delivery off the stump by Scott Boland and Axar drove him through the region of extra coverage for a four. He is now unbeaten in 11 races. India leads Australia with 88 runs.

    IND 261/7 (94,5)

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  • 15:32 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS live: Fifty for Ravindra Jadeja!

    A single and is the 18th Test fifty for Ravindra Jadeja. He started this game with a five-wicket haul and now scores fifty to show his mettle as an all-rounder. What a return to international cricket it has been for Jadeja so far!

    IND 257/7 (92,4)

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  • 15:24 (REAL)

    IND vs. AUS Live: Catch falls short!

    Axar Patel came to the outside rim after a Scott Boland release but luckily for him the ball dropped before second slip where Steve Smith was stationed. The Australian bowlers did a good job with the second new ball, but they still need three wickets to bowl India out.

    IND 251/7 (90,3)

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  • 15:01 (REAL)

    IND x AUS year alive: Lucky Jadeja!

    Ravindra Jadeja is once again lucky in her back-to-back entries. A Pat Cummins throw hit him in the front area, but the referee denied the Australian players' appeal. Cummins went to do a review and the tracking of the ball showed that he certainly would have hit the stumps, but the impact was decided by the referee and Jadeja survived.

    IND 246/7 (84.2)

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  • 14:57 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS live: FOUR!

    Ravindra Jadeja continues with her work. A fuller delivery from Pat Cummins off the stump and the Indian left-hander took him to a four on the left side of the midfielder.

    IND 246/7 (84.1)

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  • 14:54 (REAL)

    IND x AUS ao vivo: WICKET!

    Another goes to India! Todd Murphy takes the wicket of KS Bharat and it is a five-wicket haul for him in his debut match. The referee was unconvinced by the LBW call from the Australian players, but Pat Cummins decided to go up. Ultimately, the ball hit the stumps.

    IND 240/7 (83.1)

    (Video) Cricbuzz Chatter: Half-centuries from #Jadeja & #Axar, #India lead by 144 runs at Stumps Day 2

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  • 14:46 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS live: FOUR!

    Wow! Check out this photo by KS Bharat. Australia tried to fight him for space, but the batsman took a heavy sweep of ToddMurphy's bowling to set up a boundary. This will boost his confidence. Not a bad start for Bharat!

    IND 236/6 (81,5)

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  • 14:38 (REAL)

    IND x AUS ao vivo: WICKET!

    Rohit Sharma is gone! It was a great delivery from Pat Cummins, who helped Australia get rid of the Indian captain. Rolled around center stump a good distance by Cummins, the ball spun out after the pitch and hit Rohit's stump, out for a score of 120.

    IND 229/6 (80,4)

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  • 14:34 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS Live: 3rd session under way!

    Rohit Sharma is on strike, Ravindra Jadeja is on the other side. Pat Cummins will take the first over of the last session. Here we go!

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  • 14:13 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS Live: India in Control at Tea!

    Tea on the 2nd and it's all India. Rohit Sharma set an example for the team as the hosts are 226 for five wicket loss. Along with Ravindra Jadeja he has stabilized the innings beautifully and India will look to add more runs to the lead in the final session of the day.

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  • 14:07 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS live: almost chance!

    Todd Murphy was inches away from completing the first five-wicket haul, but unfortunately not at the time. The ball hit Ravindra Jadeja's pads, but the replay clearly showed that the impact was slightly off the stump. Close, but Jadeja is safe for now!

    IND 226/5 (78.4 Excesses)

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  • 13:57 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS Live: 200 bolas para Rohit!

    A patient and effective inning by the captain of India. 200 balls in for Rohit Sharma and if the hosts are to cement a massive lead, staying in the circle will be crucial to the plan.

    IND 223/5 (77 Overs)

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  • 13:53 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS Live: Limits for Rohit!

    Rohit Sharma timed the ball exceptionally well in these innings, and an edge in front of Todd Murphy was another perfect example of his hitting. A few paces forward and the captain of India comfortably steered him to mid-wicket.

    IND 217/5 (75.5 Excesses)

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  • 13:44 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS Live: In case you missed it!

    With his 9th test century in the running game, Rohit Sharma is the first Indian captain to score a ton across all formats. Read more about your registration in detailHERE

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  • 13:34 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS live: FOUR! happy border

    Ravindra Jadeja is feeling lucky again! It was pitched well off the stump by Scott Boland. Jadeja tried a forward defense, but a big gap between the racket and the pad made him lose control and ended up with an outside edge. The ball hit the first slip's right hand and ran into the third man's fence for a four.

    IND 201/5 (70.1)

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    (Video) india vs australia 1st test day 3 highlights 2023 | ind vs aus test match highlights 2023
  • 13:29 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS live: FOUR!

    A half volley off Stump by Scott Boland and Ravindra Jadeja made good extra coverage for a four. They conveniently found the gap between the middle and cover defenders.

    IND 196/5 (69,5)

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  • 13:13 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS Live: India under control!

    Although India lost two wickets at the start of the second session, India is still in command of the game. They currently lead Australia with 12 runs. Rohit Sharma is well positioned with a century of unbeaten record, while the new racket Ravindra Jadeja supports him well from the other end. The pair have added 21 runs for the sixth wicket so far.

    IND 189/5 (67)

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  • 12:55 (IST)

    IND vs AUS live: Century for Rohit Sharma!

    A four and with it Rohit Sharma runs for his 9th Test century. What an entrance was that of the Indian captain! He has courage, determination and responsibility. India bagged Australia for a paltry total but they needed someone to hold a corner to stay in the driver's seat and here is their man - Rohit Sharma.

    IND 176/5 (62,4)

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  • 12:44 (IST)

    IND x AUS ao vivo: WICKET!

    This is a heavy blow for India. Suyakumar Yadav went for 8 runs off 20 balls. Nathan Lyon rolled into the area with good extension and Surya connected with the shot. The ball spun violently and went through the space between the racket and the pad to hit the stump.

    IND 168/5 (59.1)

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  • 12:40 (IST)

    IND vs AUS Live: A unique record for Todd Murphy!

    Todd Murphy is only the third Australian bowler to pick the first four wickets of his opponents on his Test debut:

    Jack Saunders vs Eng Sydney 1901/02

    Ian MecKiff vs SA Joburg 1957/58

    Todd Murphy em Ind Nagpur 2022/23

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  • 12:34 (IST)

    IND vs AUS live: FOUR!

    A short ball from Pat Cummins and Rohit Sharma comfortably cleared him for a four. He is now on 93 balls out of 155. Returning to the kick, Rohit looked well controlled as the skinny-legged outfielder had no chance to stop the ball.

    IND 163/4 (57,2)

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  • 12:32 (IST)

    IND vs AUS Live: A test of Suryakumar Yadav!

    Everyone has seen how good Suyakumar Yadav is at white ball cricket, but his performance in red ball at the highest level is yet to be judged. He might not get a better opportunity than this one, with a Rohit Sharma hitter on the other end to lead him and lead the innings.

    IND 163/4 (57)

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  • 12:15 (REAL)

    IND x AUS ao vivo: WICKET!

    (Video) Pak media shocked on Ind vs Aus test series day 1 | India vs Australia |

    What a start to the second session for Australia! Todd Murphy dismissed Virat Kohli on the first ball of the session. He was rolled down the side of his leg, but an unlucky Kohli managed to gain the upper hand. Wicketkeeper Alex Carey made a very good catch from behind the stumps. India is four down.

    IND 151/4 (52.1)

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  • 11:37 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS Live: It's Lunchtime!

    Day 2 lunch was called. Rohit Sharma is unbeaten on 85 while Virat Kohli is unbeaten on 12. India lost two wickets – Ravichandran Ashwin and Cheteshwar Pujara – in the session but added a further 74 runs to their tally. Todd Murphy has claimed all three Indian wickets that have fallen so far.

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  • 11:24 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS live: FOUR!

    Beautiful footwork by Virat Kohli. Nathan Lyon flicked wide and Kohli came out of his crease, driving the ball into the long range for a four. Kohli looks great today!

    IND 148/3 (49.2)

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  • 11:15 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS live: FOUR!

    Virat Kohli opened his limit account on Todd Murphy's bowling. It was a fuller ball and Kohli comfortably hit the bowler's left side for a four. The semi-official had no chance to stop him.

    IND 141/3 (46,4)

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  • 11:08 (REAL)

    IND x AUS ao vivo: WICKET!

    Another great wicket and it's Todd Murphy's third. It's a stroke of luck for sure, but the most important thing for Australia is that they are back in the game. Murphy threw a Delivery Outside Leg Stump at Pujara, but the batter failed to execute the sweep kick perfectly and took a superior lead to see the ball fly into the skinny-legged fielder's hands.

    IND 135/3 (44.1)

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  • 10:59 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS live: FOUR!

    Another four by Rohit Sharma. He is now doing races at a fast pace. A total of eight runs were bowled by Todd Murphy.

    IND 134/2 (43)

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  • 10:58 (REAL)

    IND x AUS Live: Australia loses reviews!

    An off-rotation delivery by Todd Murphy hit Rohit Sharma's front pad. There was a huge call for an LBW, but the referee wasn't convinced. As the player with the first slip also made the catch, Australia had a review. Replays showed that there was no edge and the impact took place outside the leg stump.

    IND 130/2 (42,2)

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  • 10:56 (REAL)

    IND vs AUS live: FOUR!

    Rohit Sharma pads and he plays out for a four. Todd Murphy took aim at Rohit's pads but the batsman hit comfortably for a four towards the deep mid-wicket region.

    IND 130/2 (42.1)

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  • 10:45 (IST)

    IND x AUS ao vivo: WICKET!

    R Ashwin is gone! Todd Murphy claims his second wicket of the innings. It ends up being a good debut for him. On the other hand, India took a big hit in the form of Ashwin, who is one of the best hitters in spin bowling. Ashwin was released as a 23-point LBW.

    IND 118/2 (40.1)

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    (Video) Rohit Sharma Warning To Ravindra Jadeja About Steve Smith|IND vs AUS 1st Test Day 2 Latest Updates


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