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In the early days of television, the only way to control them was to use the physical buttons on the back or front. To change channels, volume and adjust settings, move closer to the TV. But things have completely changed with the addition of Remote. It gave him the power to control televisions from a distance. Remote controls use infrared light to send commands to the TV. Remote controls certainly come in handy. But one thing prevails with remote controls: everyone loses them at some point.

We all have that moment when we want to change the channel or adjust the volume but can't find the remote. This common problem becomes more general if the size of the remote is small. A device we all have at home with a small remote control isamazonasfire stick. They are so small that one can quickly lose them. Suppose you lost your FireStick remote and continue with this article. I have provided five ways in which you can temporarily control your FireStick until you find your FireStick remote.

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5 Ways to Use Your Amazon Firestick If You Lost Your Remote

1. Use the Amazon Fire TV app

If you've misplaced your Amazon FireStick remote, you're not alone. We've all been there. There's nothing to worry about; you can easily control it with your smartphone. All you have to do is install the Amazon Fire TV app (Android/iOS- Free). After downloading the app, sign in with your Amazon account.

Once you sign in to your Amazon account, the Fire TV app will automatically detect your Fire TV. Select your Fire TV by tapping on it. It will only work if your smartphone and Fire TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. After trying to connect the FireStick to your smartphone, it will ask you to enter a four-digit PIN. You can find this code on your TV screen. Enter the PIN.

In the end, you'll find a user interface just like the original FireStick remote. You'll have options like adjusting settings, triggering Alexa, and pretty much anything else that would be possible with an original remote.

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2. Use the Amazon Fire TV app without Wi-Fi

What if you don't have a Wi-Fi network at home? If the same network cannot connect your Fire TV and your smartphone, the above method will not work. But you can always use Mobile Hotspot as Wi-Fi. But keep in mind that to use the Amazon Fire TV app without Wi-Fi, you'll need two smartphones. First for tethering and second for installing the app. You'll need to start with the first smartphone you want to use as a tethering device.

Open settings, go to Wi-Fi & Network, then Hotspot & Tethering. You will find a Wi-Fi hotspot. In Hotspot, the setting changes the Wi-Fi network name to the same as the previously connected Wi-Fi network. Assign a name and change the password to match the password of the last Wi-Fi network connected to the FireStick.

If you do, your FireStick will not be able to distinguish itself as a different network. It will accept it as the same old WiFi network. After changing the name and password. Turn on Wi-Fi sharing. After the Wi-Fi connection is activated, restart the TV. After restarting, the Fire TV will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network.

You can now complete the remaining process on the second smartphone you want to install the Fire TV app on. Connect that smartphone to the Wi-Fi network you just created on the first smartphone. Once Wi-Fi is connected, install the Amazon Fire TV app (Android/iOS, free). After downloading the app, log in to your Amazon account.

After logging in, your Fire TV will be visible there. Now try to connect with it. You should receive a four-digit PIN on the TV screen. Just find that PIN and enter it into the app. Once this is done, a remote UI will be available in the application. Now you can send commands using this virtual remote on your smartphone.

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3. Use Alexa to remotely navigate Fire TV

Amazon Alexa smart speakers are now in almost every home. The speakers are best in class and make our homes smart. But what if I tell you Alexa can remotely navigate your FireStick? You can use Alexa to play content on FireStick remotely. You can say "Alexa Play... on my Fire TV" and Alexa will start playing that specific show on your Fire TV. Both Alexa and FireStick need to be connected to the same WiFi network, so only Alexa will work.

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4. Use your TV remote if you misplace your Fire TV remote

Some of you may know but you can use your TV remote to control FireStick. Yes, it is possible. Newly released TVs come with a feature called HDMI-CEC. What it does is allow multiple HDMI-enabled devices to communicate with each other using just one remote control. So if you press a button on the TV remote, let's say to adjust the volume; it will pass that instruction to your FireStick using HDMI-CEC.

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Now you might be believing it's possible. Trust in me; you can navigate some of your FireSticks using your TV remote. But don't expect too much, as you can only change basic things; don't think about using all the shortcuts and functions. Lastly, this feature is available on all recently released TVs, but if you have an older TV, this option might not work for you.

5. Use keyboard and mouse

Suppose all the above ways did not work for you for some reason. Either you don't have Wi-Fi in your home, or you don't have an extra smartphone to connect to, or you don't have an Alexa, or your TV remote isn't compatible. In this case, you can use your computer's keyboard and mouse. Whether you have a wired or wireless keyboard, both can work with the FireStick.

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But you will have to buy oneDivisor USBas the FireStick only comes with a Micro USB port, but to use the keyboard and mouse, you will need a USB A port. Plug the USB splitter into the micro USB port of the FireStick, then connect the keyboard and mouse. You will now be able to control the FireStick.

Last but not least if you are obsessed with FireStick remote and don't want to try any of the above methods. So you can always buy onenew firestick remote. This remote will work with FireStick, FireStick 4K and FireStick Lite. But how is it without voice commands. You can buyTo beif you want voice commands. Try not to lose the remote this time.


Summary app, if you lost your FireStick remote, it's not the end of the world. You can still control your FireStick. The above five ways cover almost everyone. You can install the Amazon Fire TV app with or without Wi-Fi in your home. Otherwise, almost everyone has Alexa speakers at home. Otherwise, remote TV presence is almost a guarantee. And if you connect a keyboard and mouse, you'll find it better than the FireStick remote. What method do you try and does it work for you or not? Let us know in the comments.

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