Separett Basic - Incineration Toilet - Waterless and Composting Toilets from WooWoo (2023)


TheSeparettBasicis a waterless toilet with all-electric combustion that produces only ash as a by-product. The electronics monitor the internal temperatures of the toilet to ensure safety and correct combustion/vaporization cycles for daily use by up to six people. The built-in catalytic converter ensures that odors are removed before being vented through the 110mm ventilation system (not included) where steam etc. is distributed gently and odourlessly.

TheBasicBurns solid waste to ash at approximately 550 degrees Celsius (1200 Fahrenheit). Like an oven, it uses an electrical element to heat the chamber. All moisture and liquid evaporates and all solid waste is burned along with the paper bag to a small amount of ash. The time required to reach 550 degrees depends on the amount of waste and liquids present in the chamber (and the ambient temperature), but is typically between 30 and 40 minutes. Once the right temperature is reached, the combustion cycle begins, which can last up to 40 minutes. When combustion is complete, the toilet enters a cool down phase.

It's okay to use the toilet while it's either reaching burn temperature or during a burn cycle, but it's important to still press the "burn" button so that extra time can be added to the cycle to allow for a full burn/ ensure evaporation. Expected usage should be a maximum of four visits per hour.

Due to the power requirements of the heating element and other factors, incinerator toilets are 100% electricNot suitable for installation in moving vehicles(RVs and RVs, etc.) which may be subject to severe vibration and movement. Additionally, the power requirements make it unsuitable for most off-grid situations.


To use the toilet, open the seat and insert one of the inner bags (the bag protects the stainless steel bowl from feces and reduces the need for cleaning). Use the toilet as usual, then squeeze the long "flush" handle, causing the bag and contents to fall into the lower combustion chamber. Check if the content has fallen through, close the seat, then press the burn button and continue.

Even if the toilet is already in an ongoing combustion process, it is important to press both the flush and the combustion button. This will add the appropriate extra burn time to the process.

When no combustion program is running and the toilet is in standby mode, the fan runs continuously at low speed. The purpose is to allow moisture to escape from the toilet and prevent cold air from entering the toilet through the pipe.

Emptying your incinerator toilet and routine maintenance

In addition to normal cleaning with a damp cloth and eco-friendly detergents, the toilet alerts you to other maintenance needs, typically as follows:

  1. After 50 times the ash container must be emptied
  2. After 100 uses, the toilet ash drawer must be cleaned (put water in the ash drawer and select a combustion program - the steam removes urine salt deposits).
  3. After 100 times the toilet must be unplugged from the vent pipe and the pipe cleaned with the supplied cleaning brush to remove any soda deposits

To facilitate maintenance and cleaning, it is important that the toilet is NOT wall or floor mounted.


For a long and smooth operation, please note the following:

  • Always install the vent pipe vertically according to the manufacturer's instructions
  • Always ensure adequate fresh air is available (either by using the air intake with the optional ventilation kit or by following the manufacturer's airflow guidelines).
  • Always use a paper bowl no matter what you're cooking
  • Always rinse immediately after each use
  • Always press the combustion button after flushing the toilet
  • Observe the service instructions (the heating element must be replaced after 1-3 years depending on the use).

service and guarantee

Depending on the type and intensity of useSeparett Basicrequires a full service every 1-3 hours a year (a service message will appear on the display to alert you that service is required in the near future). The complete service is carried out by ourselves (or a service partner authorized by Separett) and must be returned to us in the toilet on a pallet. We organized the collection, maintenance and return of the toilet. The typical price for this is around £390 including collection and return costs.

During the service, the toilet is inspected and thoroughly cleaned. The electric heating element is replaced, the thermal sensor is checked and cleaned, the catalytic converter is checked and cleaned and the damper is cleaned and adjusted if necessary.

The warranty is 1 year for the heater, 2 years for the ash pan and thermistor and 3 years for other components. A 1-year warranty applies to commercial use.

What's included?

The scope of delivery of the toilet includes: Long, curved ventilation pipe Ø110 mm 90°, cleaning brush, dimensional drawing, 100 bags, wind deflector, O-ring.

In addition to the toilet, you must also use itVENTILATION SET.


Click on the links to download the following as PDF files to your computer.

User Guide


Information sheet / brochure

Poster - How to use Separett Basic

product data

Outside:Reusable ABS and white enamelled galvanized sheet metal
Intern:Inner part: stainless steel plate. Ashtray: acid-resistant plate
Volts/Watts:230 V AC, 1,8 kW, 10 Ampere
Energy:0.6 – 2.4 kWh/visit
Connection:2.5 m grounded cable with safety plug
Noise:About 55 dB(A) during combustion
Maximum user load:150 kg
Max dimensions:L:77 B:46 H:73
Weight:42 kg

Delivery information for your Separett Basic

Your toilet will be delivered on a mini pallet and has a total weight of around 40 kg. Most deliveries are made by a specialist haulier who makes delivery 'to the curb' (ie the pallet can be unloaded from the truck onto the pavement near your property). We cannot guarantee that the truck will be equipped with a pallet truck. If this is the case, the path to your property must be smooth concrete or asphalt to be safe to use. Make sure you have enough people on hand to move the Cindi onto your property - usually two people can move the box once it's off the pallet.

Pallet delivery to mainland UK (excluding certain destinations in the Scottish Highlands and Islands) is availableFREI, but if your area is outside the free delivery area, we will contact you to discuss any additional delivery costs.

2 reviews forSeparett Basic – incineration toilet

  1. Separett Basic - Incineration Toilet - Waterless and Composting Toilets from WooWoo (1)

    judged5von 5

    Janice B

    When the first shutdown came, we lived in a beach house with no plumbing and therefore no toilet. To use the toilet you had to walk down the seawall to the nearby sailing club to use their facilities. We needed a solution, and fast!

    The Separett Cindi incineration toilet was our choice and it has proven invaluable. The installation was quick even though it was done by an expert and not by me as I don't trust my manual skills. Once up and running, it's proven to be easy to use and maintain, and unlike other off-grid alternatives, it doesn't smell. After 50 uses, all you have to do is empty the ash pan. After 100 times, empty and clean the ash pan. A maintenance check is required once a year - that's it.

    For two of us living here full time it works well, hassle free and hygienic. When we are allowed to have visitors most people are fascinated and especially the kids love it because there are buttons to press and they like the idea of ​​setting their own rubbish on fire!

  2. Separett Basic - Incineration Toilet - Waterless and Composting Toilets from WooWoo (2)

    judged5von 5


    Great customer service, good communication throughout. Really happy will be my waterless toilet, perfectly installed in the cottage!

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